TWEEDL. was co-founded by friends Sam Hargreaves & Dan Collinson. Having grown up a few miles apart in Lancashire and being introduced to both Field and Motor sports at a young age by their respective fathers, who competed in Rallying in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and were involved in the organisation and participation in several shoots during the same period, these experiences sowed the seeds a few decades later for the creation of TWEEDL.

As with many a good idea it was born over a few pints in their favourite local pub and it quickly became their focus to turn a simple vision into an exciting reality.

Creating a platform that will enable enthusiasts and members of the public the chance to win amazing experiences in Field and Motor sports at the very best venues with leading brands/manufacturers.

These pursuits are often seen as the reserve of the few but we hope to enable anyone the chance to see what amazing experiences these activities offer and perhaps introduce new people into these sports.


Sam Hargreaves


I’ve been surrounded by the countryside and all things field sports since I could walk, and probably even before that! From a young age I helped on shoot days on my Fathers shoot in Lancashire – this started my passion for the sport. Since then shooting and conservation have been a huge passion of mine. Playing rugby for county & club has fed my competitiveness and coupled with my entrepreneurial spirit its exciting to bring TWEEDL to life and create opportunities for people to experience the countryside and all the pursuits available whilst helping promote the businesses and people who work & play in the rural sectors.

Dan Collinson


Prior to TWEEDL - I spent 20 years as the 3rd generation running our family business with my brother (Also called Sam!). I had decided 2020 was the year to start exploring some new interests. With Brexit looking like it was sorted, everyone was blind-sided by Covid but as with many things in life out of the negatives, come the positives and it was post lock down drinks that enabled a chat over a pint to turn into new venture!
Growing up two interests our family was passionate about was Motorsport and Sailing. I have been very fortunate to experience circuit racing myself in the UK & Europe and whilst racing and sailing are very different pursuits there is a common thread which is how they both free the mind and can have a sort of cleansing effect on you. They’re both also brilliant fun!
Coupled with these interests was growing up in the countryside where we were involved in local shoots as well as the agricultural industry via our family business. Its really exciting to now be bringing together all of these facets of my life into Tweedl and build a platform that will offer people the chance to experience amazing, sometimes once in a lifetime events and prizes. I believe in keeping things simple, being open/ honest and doing what you say you will do. Passion and having some fun on the journey are important too!