Terms & Conditions
1.1 Once you have entered the competition via www.tweedl.com. All entrants are deemed to have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.
1.2 In order to enter TWEEDL competitions you must submit all contact details which are requested on our website. All details submitted must be valid and current. For example, you must provide a valid email address and phone number. This is vital for the following purposes:

(a) To be able to notify the winner they have won.
(b) To comply with our privacy policy.
(c) To post winners name & location on the website in previous winners’ section.

1.3 TWEEDL are never liable for entrants providing in-correct details which may cause us to be unable to make contact, should we need to (for example, win a prize).
1.4 All entrants are solely responsible for providing TWEEDL with their valid contact details throughout their time participating in our competitions.
1.5 Entrants are expected to be aware of the licences you must hold to be able to enter certain competitions. This will be in the descriptive text of each competition as it is uploaded to www.tweedl.com

2.1 Every competition will be hosted and operated by TWEEDL ltd.
2.2 Entries from employees of Tweedl are NOT allowed to enter any competition hosted by Tweedl.
2.3 Any participant entering must be over the age of 16 and carry relevant certification or licence according to the prize/experience
2.4 Each participant must acknowledge that they must answer the multiple-choice question correctly in order to proceed to choosing their tickets and payment. However, answering the question correctly alone does not guarantee in any way that they will win the prize.
2.5 Failing to answer the multiple-choice question correctly upon entering the competition will result in that entrant being unable to participate.
2.6 Individuals who choose to enter who are residents outside of England, Wales & Scotland must ensure that their participation is lawful and in accordance with the laws of their own country of residence.
2.7 Tweedl and it’s customers are aware that the competition, its administration and all associated activities are governed by English Law and Tweedl and customers recognise that the Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute arising out of the competition or its administration.
2.8 Throughout all competitions Tweedl have the right to refuse or disqualify any participant under reasonable grounds providing an entrant hasn’t adhered to the rules or terms and conditions provided by Tweedl or acted in anyway that is reasonably considered by Tweedl or our advisors to be illegal.
2.9 Competitions have a set number of tickets available which will never change once the competition is active/live. Competitions are launched with a timer to indicate the anticipated draw date. Competitions can close sooner than the indicated timer due to the speed of ticket sales. In the event a competition sells out 100% the draw date will be announced and will take place within a max of 5 days from the competition closing date. In the event a competitions timer runs out and <70% of tickets have been sold we will either A. announce the live draw and award the competition prize to the winner or B. award a prize equivalent to the value of seventy percent of the ticket sales revenue (less bank charges and operating costs) to the winner or C. Extend the competition by further period to allow tickets sales to take place. For experiences with a set date the competition will always only be extended to allow an appropriate and fair amount of time between the draw and the prizes experience date.

Prize draws are a live streamed video broadcast on our social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) using Google Random number generator to produce the winning ticket number which is announced live on air. The winner will also be contacted within 12 hours of the competition draw taking place.

3.1 Customers will be able to select to enter the competition which they desire to win. Multiple competitions maybe live on www.tweedl.com at any one time.
3.2 Before selecting which number/ticket entrants wish to choose all customers will be asked to answer a multiple-choice question. This question is of reasonable difficulty and in order to be able to enter the competition it must be answered correctly.
3.3 In answering the question correctly, each entrant recognises they must use good knowledge and judgement.
3.4 Entrants will then be able to enter the competition by choosing ticket numbers. This can be done by inputting the exact number they wish to select or by Tweedl’s lucky dip element.
3.5 A maximum number of tickets allowed to be purchased by each person/account will displayed on the relevant competition page but it typically 25-50 tickets per person is permitted (subject to total tickets in the draw) – the max tickets per person can vary by competition but is displayed in the information on the prize page.
3.6 Upon entering the competition, each entrant agrees that under the Consumer Protection Distance Selling Regulations 2000 for any goods and services ordered online to be supplied within 30 days will not apply to any of Tweedl’s competitions.
3.7 No Purchase / Free Entry Postal Option/Route – Firstly ensure you have created an account at www.tweedl.com, send via post us a hand written letter/postcard stating your Full name, address, email, phone number to TWEEDL LTD, Roseacre Hall, Roseacre Road, Roseacre, Preston PR4 3UE
3.8 All No Purchase Postal Option/Route entries must be received by us within the competition period and 3 working days before the closing date of the competition (to allow us to process the application) or tickets selling out. All entries that fail to comply with the rules set out by Tweedl will be void and therefore not entered into the competition.
3.9 One postal route entry per individual/household and/or one postal route entry per envelope. Postal entries not adhering to these terms will be notified as null/void. Postal entries received that adhere to these terms will be allocated a ticket number via lucky dip and the individual will be advised by email once the entry has been processed of their ticket number.

4.1 If for any reason a customer wishes to contact Tweedl you can get in touch with us via email through emailing: team@tweedl.co.uk or by calling 0333 577 9598 between 9am to 5pm mon-fri.
4.2 You can also contact Tweedl via post to the address – Roseacre Hall, Roseacre Road, Roseacre, Preston PR4 3UE


5.1 Tweedl will draw a winner within a max 5 days of the competition ending, providing all tickets have been sold or the minimum threshold of ticket sales have been reached within the competition duration.

5.2 If the competition timer duration is reached and the competition is not one hundred percent fully sold out. The competition draw will still take place and a winner announced provided at least seventy percent of the allocated tickets have been sold. If less than seventy percent of tickets have been sold we reserve the right to either: A. award the competition prize to the winner or B. award a prize equivalent to the value of seventy percent of the ticket sales revenue (less bank charges and operating costs) to the winner or C. Extend the competition timer by a fair/reasonable amount to enable further ticket sales.
5.3 If the winner of any competition cannot be contacted by Tweedl within 14 days of the draw this can then in turn result in Tweedl doing the draw again resulting in a new winner.

5.4 All entrants and therefore potential winner are expected to provide all the information requested when creating a profile in order for Tweedl to gain contact should they win one of Tweedl’s competitions.


6.1 All selections of winners will be drawn using Google Random Number Generator.
6.2 Every draw will take place Live via Tweedl’s social media so that each entrant and the general public can take part in the random selection of a winner.
6.3 Details of the time and date of each live draw will be emailed and posted across Tweedl social media at least 12 hours before the event.
6.4 Each draw using Google Random Number Generator will take place within 48 hours of each competition closing.
6.5 There will be only one winner per competition unless Tweedl state otherwise.
6.6 Once the winner has been selected Tweedl will contact the winner within 24 hours after the draw.
6.7 Once the competition is completed and the winner is selected Tweedl will arrange the correct way in which to hand over the prize.
6.8 If the prize is a shotgun or firearm then the winner will need to provide proof of the relevant licence to be able to receive their prize. This will be verified by Tweedl and our prize partner who will need to see the original document at point of collection from their shop.
6.9 If the prize is a vehicle then the winner will need to provide proof of the relevant licence to be able to receive their prize.

7.1 Tweedl will hand over each prize to its winner accordingly based on the nature of the competition.
7.2 If the prize is physical i.e. fishing rods, clothing then Tweedl will hand over this prize direct to the winner or we may arrangements for the winner to collect the prizes from our prize partners shop where applicable or required for regulatory reasons.
7.3 If the prize is experience based and therefore not physical, then Tweedl will ensure the prize documentation is awarded to the winner and the prize partner and winner are in touch with one another to make arrangements for the experience to take place.
7.4 Certain competitions may require entrants to hold certain licences/qualifications. If so then this will be outlined in the text on the competition page on www.tweedl.com . If in any case the winner does not hold these licences/qualifications required then they will not receive the prize.
7.5 All winners must supply Tweedl with proof of identity and proof of entry when Tweedl contact each winner.
7.6 Tweedl hold the right to showcase each winner on their previous winners page on www.tweedl.com

8.1 By entering a competition each entrant will be deemed to have legal capacity to do so, you will have read and understood these terms and conditions and you will be bound by them and by any other requirements set out by Tweedl within any related promotional material.
8.2 When each entrant participates in any Competition via www.tweedl.com , and by accepting these terms and conditions you confirm that you are not breaching any laws in your country of residence regarding the legality of entering Tweedl competitions.
8.3 Tweedl will not be held responsible under any circumstance for any entrant entering our competitions unlawfully, if you do not reside in England Tweedl urge you to check with the relevant authorities in your country before entering.

9. Refunds are not permitted once a ticket has been purchased – however if you believe you should be eligible for a refund then please contact our team to discuss your situation and we will try to find a resolution but we reserve the right to refuse a refund unless we deem your situation is eligible.

10. Experience Prizes – General
10.1 Experience prizes which are for specific/pre-set dates will be detailed in the competition details. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure they are available to use the prize experience on the date(s) offered within the competition. It will be entirely at the discretion of Tweedl and its prize partners to ascertain if an alternative date is available should the winner be unable to utilise the day/date the competition prize/experience is offered.
In the event an experience prize is cancelled by our prize partner due to Covid-19 we will re-book an alternative date. In the event an alternative date cannot be found, Tweedl will award a prize equivalent to seventy percent of the prize value.
10.2 Shooting/Stalking Experiences require a valid Shotgun or Firearm certificate to participate – which will be verified by our prize partners and/or by Tweedl on/before the experience is taken by the winner.
10.3 Any winners from the UK prizes can be collected from Tweedl or its prize partners by mutual agreement. In the event a winner is outside the UK we will either arrange to have the prize available for collection at our prize partners local office/outlet or an agent of our prize partners local office/outlet. When this is not possible, we reserve the right to award a prize equivalent to equivalent to fifty percent of the actual prize value less promotional costs and subject to exchange rates.
10.4 Equipment/Apparel prizes will be delivered to the winner (UK only) – subject to any specific items being contrary to the laws of the winners country and regulations relating to the transportation/shipping of any items – every effort will be made by Tweedl to enable delivery of all items contained within a prize competition, where this is not possible we reserve the right to award a prize equivalent to seventy percent of the actual prize value
10.5 All prize experiences are offered according to the conditions and terms of the experience provider. For instance if your experience prize is a fishing trip this is not a guarantee you will catch fish or shoot the number of birds the prize described – these experiences are subject to themselves the laws of chance and nature and Tweedl bear no responsibility if the experience does not perform to your expectations – this is the nature of any experience.

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